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Reviving the spirit of Badr

The battle of Badr was the most decisive battle in the annals of Islām, because it was the forerunner to the honour and splendour of Islām. It marked the beginning of the fall and humiliation of disbelief. This is why it is referred to as the Day of Furqān, i.e. …

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Women attending congregational or Eid Salaah

The era of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) was a mubaarak era. It was an era where Wahi (revelation of the Quraan) was being received from Allah Ta’ala. New Shar’ee laws regarding various issues were constantly being revealed by Allah Ta’ala and there was a need for Sahaaba to learn the …

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The Need for The Makaatib

Hadhrat Moulana Siddeeq Ahmad Baandwi Saahib (Rahmatullah alayh) has mentioned: There is a definite need to establish makaatib in every village and every district. Together with the makaatib we have to also establish a madrasah for higher education (Darul Ulooms), However, keep in mind that it is better to have …

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The Orchards of Love – Part Eighteen

The Lifeline of Islam When a person is drowning and struggling to survive, he will do anything to save his life. If he is able to catch hold of a rope nearby through which he can pull himself out of the water, he will desperately cling onto it and view …

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The Orchards of Love – Part Seventeen

The Role of a Woman in Islam Allah Ta‘ala, through His infinite grace and mercy, has created and designed the world in the most perfect form and caused it to continue functioning most precisely and accurately. The unique rotation of the sun and moon, the alternation of the day and …

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The Orchards of Love – Part Sixteen

Appreciating the Blessing of Life Dawood bin Dinaar (rahimahullah) was a great Imaam in the field of Hadith and the teacher of renowned Muhadditheen, the likes of Imaam Shu’bah (rahimahullah) and Imaam Wakee’ (rahimahullah). During his lifetime, a plague struck the region of Khuraasaan where he lived. There were many …

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The Queen of Jannah

Hazrat Faatimah (radhiyallahu ‘anha) was the youngest daughter of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) and was most beloved to him. The extent of his love for her can be gauged from the fact that the last person and first person that he would meet when departing or returning from an expedition …

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