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Wills and Inheritance

Wifaqul Ulama SA offers assistance with Wills and Inheritance. Ulama in different parts of the country are ready to assist with advice and completing the generic Will prepared by Wifaqul Ulama. Programmes will also be held throughout the country to explain the importance of a Shar’i Will and assist communities in filling in their Wills.

To request a programme in your Masjid or to get assistance filling in your Will, kindly email us at admin@wifaq.org.za. We will then put you into contact with an Aalim from your region.

Jazaakumullaahu khaira

To download the generic Will prepared by Wifaqul Ulama SA, kindly click the DOWNLOAD button below:

Download Notes/Terms of Access:

  1. Ensure that you carefully read the “Guidelines” before filling in the Will. A small mistake may invalidate the Will.
  2. Ensure that you print the 7-page Will, Declaration Form and Wasiyyah Forms SINGLE-SIDED. Printing it double-sided will invalidate the Will.
  3. Electronic signatures are unacceptable.
  4. The password to access the PDF is “wifaq”.
  5. For assistance in filling in the Will, feel free to contact us at admin@wifaq.org.za.