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A0036 – Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa : The Yardstick of this Ummah

Sayyidah Maymūnah bint Sa’d radhiyallāhu ‘anhā says: “I said: “O Nabī of Allāh, inform us regarding Al-Bayt al-Muqaddas (Al-Masjid Al-Aqsā)!” Nabi sallāllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said: “Go and perform Salāh there!”….”if you are unable to visit it and perform Salāh there, then (at least) send some oil to be used …

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Laylatul Bara’ah (15th night of Sha’baan)

The Mubārak month of Ramadhān is on our doorstep, ready to welcome us. Allāh Ta’ālā has allowed us once again to anticipate the coming of this most blessed month. Allāh Ta’ālā has also afforded us the opportunity to ensure that we enter Ramadhān Mubārak free of sins! Allāh Ta’ālā has …

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Rajab: One of the four sacred months

“Verily the number of months according to Allāh is twelve (as written) in the Book of Allāh on the day He created the Heavens and the Earth; from among them, four are sacred…” (Qur’ān Karīm, 9/36) Nabi Sallalāhu’ Alayhi wa Sallam explained these four “Sacred months” to be: “Three consecutive …

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Online Maktab

Educational trends are fast evolving. Future education seems to be leaning towards distance learning. The ease and convenience it offers make it the go-to choice for many a parent. Should this also be an option for our Maktab system? Knowledge is heart-to-heart From the beginning of time, Dīn was transmitted …

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A0034 – World Cup – A Believer’s Perspective

With the approach of the World Cup, its accompanying hype, and an increase in propaganda, many Muslims have already been affected. While some may be planning to attend the World Cup, others will follow it from home. The World Cup is an embodiment of sin and vice! Our īmān demands …

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B007 – Gender-Neutral

We note with disgust the plan by the Department of Education to make gender redundant in schools. Under a recent proposal, the following changes, amongst others, have been suggested: • Schools will need to provide gender-neutral toilets and changing rooms. • Gender-neutral uniforms will be introduced. • Boys and girls …

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F.I.T.N.A+ : The Solutions

How to protect ourselves from this fitnah? What should we do to protect ourselves and the Ummah? Rasulullah Sallallāhu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam said: “Whoever sees evil being committed, let him prevent it using his hands. If he cannot do so, let him prevent it by using his tongue. If not, …

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