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The Third Wave

If there is no ocean or huge mass of water, there will be no waves. Likewise, if the ocean of sins is evaporated through sincere repentance and spiritual reformation, the waves of pandemics and calamities will stop.

Many aayaat (verses) of the Quraan Majeed and numerous ahaadeeth clearly highlight the link between sins and calamities. In particular, blatant immorality and shamelessness result in plagues and pandemics.

Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) is reported to have said: “Whenever immorality will become rife in a community and people will blatantly indulge in shamelessness, then plagues will afflict them and such illnesses will spread which their forefathers had never heard off”. (Sunan Ibn iMaajah #4019) It is also reported in another hadeeth that when oppression becomes widespread, deaths will occur in massive numbers.

The tragic reality is that the viruses of immoral conduct, shameless dressing and illicit behaviour have become a pandemic. Hardly any place on earth has been spared from the effects of the immorality that is spreading like wildfire. This has resulted in the pandemic that has gripped the world in its tentacles.

The actual underlying reason for the pandemic is not related to any medical or health issues nor is it related to political subterfuge and deceit. Any such aspects are merely the apparent means. As believers, we have total conviction in the words of Allah Ta‘ala in His Glorious Quraan: “And whatever calamity befalls you, it is the (result of) what your hands have earned (your actions)”. (Surah Shoora v. 30)

Sins, in general, have a devastating effect on the individual as well as the society in general. Among the effects of sin, which have been mentioned in various ahaadeeth, are the following:

· The sinner is deprived of rizq (sustenance).

· People begin to dislike the sinner (though the apparent reason may be something else or they may not even be able to identify a specific reason).

· Things become difficult in general.

· There is a general feeling of despair, etc.

The pandemic will only stop and the “waves” will come to an end when the Being Who sent it takes it away. Allah Ta‘ala declares in His Glorious Quraan: “And if Allah Ta‘ala afflicts you with harm, there is none who can remove it except Him”. (Surah An‘aam v. 17)

The pandemic has come with the command of Allah Ta‘ala and only He has the power to remove it. Therefore, we, together with our families, communities and the Ummah at large, must earnestly do that which will draw down His mercy and save us all from these calamities. Among the fundamental aspects to be undertaken are the following:

· Make taubah (repent) with deep remorse and regret from all sins and engage in excessive istighfaar (seek forgiveness). Firmly resolve to shun all sin and to lead a life of righteousness. Seek forgiveness  for oneself, one’s family and on behalf of the entire Ummah.

· Adopt as many sunnahs in one’s life as possible. Also, engage in excessive recitation of durood shareef.

· Turn to Allah Ta‘ala with utmost humility and keep begging from Him for ease and safety from all calamities.

· Adopt taqwa (consciousness of Allah Ta‘ala and refraining from sin) in every aspect of life.

· Give as much sadaqah as possible and help people in need.

May Allah Ta‘ala remove the pandemic and grant ease to the entire mankind.

Source:Alhaadi (adapted)

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