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Onslaught on Tablīgh is an Onslaught on Dīn

“Say, (O Nabī (sallāllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), ‘this is my way, calling to Allāh Ta’āla with conviction. I (do this), and those who follow me (also do this) and I am not amongst the mushrikīn (those ascribing partners to Allāh Ta’āla).” Sūrah Yūsuf 107

The Ambiyā Alayhimus Salām came to the world to link the creation to the Creator.

In the entire world, the largest group of people trying to link the creation to the Creator is undoubtedly the Tablīgh Jamā’at. Any reasonable person can observe the striking resemblance between the work of the Ambiyā Alayhimus Salām and the Tablīgh Jamā’at.

The overwhelming amount of people who have changed their lives through this effort and are now following Sunnah is ample testimony to the legitimacy of this effort. That effort which brings people onto Sunnah can never be bid’ah.

Last week, Muslims around the world looked on in disbelief at the banning of undoubtedly, one of the greatest services to Dīn in this age. From the land of its inception (Land of Arabia) comes forth the attempt to subdue the effort of Dīn. What pain and anguish this must bring to the heart of our Beloved Master (sallāllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam)? Subhānallāh, the effort which brings Dīn alive – which ultimately leads to justice and peace for humanity – is being classified as “terrorism”. To Allāh alone is our complaint.

The effort of Haqq has never been and can never be eradicated. Maulānā Yūnus Poona (rahimahullāh) clearly explained that a million claims of support or opposition to this effort will never affect it.
This is an onslaught of Shaytān on our very Dīn and the least we should do is make Du’ā for the protection of this effort. The allegations of shirk, bid’ah, grave-worship and terrorism levelled against the Tablīgh Jamāt are evidently baseless.

The best response would be to actually join the effort and bring the desired change in our lives.
The protection and support of Tablīgh is the indispensable responsibility of every one of us.

Those who oppose the work of Nabi sallāllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam are in essence opposing the effort of the Ambiyā Alayhimus Salām.

May Allāh Ta’ālā guide them to the truth and grant us the ability to appreciate all the true efforts of Dīn.
O Allāh, bring complete Dīn alive and grant us all ‘āfiyah and goodness in this world grant us death on Īmān in the condition that You are pleased with us, Āmīn.

12 Jumādal Ūla 1443/17 December 2021                               A0025


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A0025 - Onslaught on Tabligh is an Onslaught on Din


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