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F.I.T.N.A+ : Do I Have a Choice? (Part 2 of 7)

“To Allāh Ta’ālā belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth…” (Al-Qur’ān 2/284)

Commentators of the Qur’ān Karīm explain this verse as follows: “Allāh Ta’āla is the Owner of all those residing in the heavens and the earth and we are all His slaves,” Allāh Ta’āla is our Creator. Our lives are totally in His control.

The owner has complete control over his belongings. If a person owns an item, he may do with it as he pleases. In addition to completely owning us, Allāh Ta’āla bestows us with numerous favors. As a result, we owe it to the Being who has given us everything to obey Him.

As slaves of Allāh Ta’āla, He alone directs how we should utilise our time, wealth and bodies. We are not free to “choose” what we want to do with our bodies.

The concept of “freedom” is increasingly being promoted. From freedom of choice to freedom of sexuality, and now oddly, even freedom of gender. The idea that everyone is free to do what he pleases is being advocated. Born out of the satanic ideology of liberalism, these notions directly contradict the very essence of our DĪn. A person who believes that he or anyone else is free to choose his gender and that he may, at will, change it, puts his Īmān in jeopardy. We should be careful not to make any such utterances.

Trick of Shaytaan

Shaytān undertook that he would misguide, trick and delude mankind until they “alter the creation of Allāh Ta’āla”! (Al-Qur’ān, 4/119)

The changing of one’s body, identity, gender, or sexuality definitely falls under the purview of this Āyah. It defies the very Fitrah (natural disposition) that Allāh gave us.

Every child is born with a pure unspoiled disposition. However, the environment and those around him shape his mind and values against the way Allah Ta’āla had created him. Constant exposure to sin, too much freedom and following of one’s desires distort this disposition, which in turn attracts him to these strange ideas.

Our gender is not a social construct and is determined by Allāh Ta’āla alone. Our gender at birth determines our identity. There is no difference between the gender and sex of a person.

This world is a test

Whilst a disbeliever is deluded by the unrestrained freedom that he is enjoying in this world, a Mu’min will definitely not be disappointed when he experiences the true, pure freedom of the hereafter. The small sacrifice a Mu’min makes in restraining himself from certain desires and wants is a small price to pay for eternal bliss. Allah Ta’āla says: “Verily, Allāh has purchased the lives and wealth of the Mu’minīn in exchange for Jannah”! (Al-Qur’ān 9/111)

May Allāh Ta’ālā save us from the deception of thinking we are free to do as we wish and may He make us His true slaves, Āmīn.

17 Safar 1444/14 September 2022 A0033/2



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