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Etiquettes for Teachers – Ebook Download

The esteemed writer, after spending a lifetime in the effort and gaining every first-hand experience in the pros and cons of teaching has written this booklet. The asaatizah would do well to model their lives on these golden advices. After learning the advices, it will become evident that such guidance emanates from piety and inspiration from Allah Ta’ala and is derived from the Qur-aan and Sunnah. These are the same principles from which the previous Ulama, the Taabi’een and Sahaabah benefitted. It is hoped that the mu’allimeen (teachers) will take benefit from this kitaab and thereby also benefit from the faidh and barakaat of the venerable author who has discussed in this book ten simple, easy etiquettes which, if followed, will certainly help attain a high degree of acceptance by Allah Ta’ala. Hadhrat Qaari Saahib had a close relationship with the Ahlullah and the Ulama of the immediate past. His Ilm, Taqwa and sincerity were well known and his life was made waqf to learning and teaching Deen.

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