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The Sunnats of Ghusal

1. Making the intention to wash off impurities and become paak (pure).
2. If the satr area is covered then you should recite bismillah before commencing.
3. Washing the hands upto the wrists thrice.
4. Washing the private parts, whether they have impurity on them or not.
5. Making wudhu before washing the entire body.
6. Pouring water on the head thrice.
7. Pouring water over the right side of the body thrice from top to bottom.
8. Pouring water over the left side of the body thrice from top to bottom.
9. Rubbing the body when pouring the water to ensure that the water reaches every part of the body.
10. Not using so little water that you will not be able to perform the ghusal properly, but not wasting water.
11. Not facing the qiblah.
12. Performing ghusal in a secluded place where you will not be seen by anyone.

Source: Ihyaauddeen.co.za