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The Masājid: Beacons of Hope under Threat


Sayyidunā Abū Hurayrah radiyallāhu ‘anhu reported that Rasūlullāh sallāllahu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam said: “The places that are dearest to Allāh are the Masājid…”. [Muslim 671]

The Masjid is the most beloved place in the sight of Allāh Ta’ālā. When Rasūlullāh sallallāhu’ Alayhi wa Sallam migrated to Madīnah Munawwarah, one of the first tasks he embarked upon was establishing a Masjid; first at Quba, and then in Madina Munawwarah. Thereafter Masājid – big and small – were built in every area where Muslims went.

The Muslim community was centred around the activity of the Masjid. When planning the city of Kufa, Sayyidunā’ Umar radiyallāhu ‘anhu instructed that every street of the city should lead to the Jāmi’ Masjid. (Tārikh-e-Millat 1/239)

Muslims in various parts of the world vie to live near a Masjid. Muslim children grow up visiting the Masjid and many have fond memories of their association with their local Masājid. The Masjid is the life-blood of the Muslim community.

History bears testimony that Masājid were protected as long as they remained inhabited. Whenever Muslims neglected the rights of the Masjid, these were duly snatched away. Spain, Uzbekistan and Russia tell disturbing tales of Masājid being converted to churches, brothels and stables. May Allāh Ta’ālā protect us from such a calamity!

Masājid in India, Pakistan, China and Kosovo are but a few examples of Houses of Allāh Ta’ālā that are under threat or actively being destroyed.

The solution lies in correcting our ways. Many have become distant from the Masjid in the past two years. Many have stopped attending the Masjid in fear of contagion. The Masjid is where Allāh Ta’ālā’s mercy is directed. When Moulana Siddiq Bāndwi Rahmatullāhi ‘Alayhi visited South Africa, he said: “If you wish to protect the Imān of your childen, connect them to the Masjid.”

Our attachment and regular attendance in the Masjid reflect what our hearts conceal.

We should repent from all sins, major or minor.

All men should resolve to attend the Masjid for all our Salāh.

Women should timeously perform their Salāh at home as this is better and more rewarding for them as mentioned in the Ahādīth of Rasūlullāh sallallāhu’ Alayhi wa Sallam.

Make du’ā to Allāh Ta’ālā for the preservation of all Masājid and Dīnī Institutions of the Ahl-us-Sunnah wal Jamā’ah.

May Allāh Ta’ālā protect all the Masājid around the world and keep our hearts
attached to the Masjid. Āmīn

2 Rajab 1443/03 February 2022 A0028

A0028 - Masaajid beacons of hope under threat