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Our Nabi Muhammed Sallallaahu Alayhi wa Sallam is the greatest of all creation (7 Part Series)

Part 1 of 7

ﺣَﺪَّﺛَﻨَﺎ ﺍﺑْﻦُ ﺃَﺑِﻲ ﻋُﻤَﺮَ، ﺣَﺪَّﺛَﻨَﺎ ﺳُﻔْﻴَﺎﻥُ، ﻋَﻦِ ﺍﺑْﻦِ ﺟُﺪْﻋَﺎﻥَ، ﻋَﻦْ ﺃَﺑِﻲ ﻧَﻀْﺮَﺓَ، ﻋَﻦْ ﺃَﺑِﻲ ﺳَﻌِﻴﺪٍ، ﻗَﺎﻝَ ﻗَﺎﻝَ ﺭَﺳُﻮﻝُ ﺍﻟﻠَّﻪِ ﺻﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻭﺳﻠﻢ ” ﺃَﻧَﺎ ﺳَﻴِّﺪُ ﻭَﻟَﺪِ ﺁﺩَﻡَ ﻳَﻮْﻡَ ﺍﻟْﻘِﻴَﺎﻣَﺔِ ﻭَﻻَ ﻓَﺨْﺮَ ﻭَﺑِﻴَﺪِﻱ ﻟِﻮَﺍﺀُ ﺍﻟْﺤَﻤْﺪِ ﻭَﻻَ ﻓَﺨْﺮَ ﻭَﻣَﺎ ﻣِﻦْ ﻧَﺒِﻲٍّ ﻳَﻮْﻣَﺌِﺬٍ ﺁﺩَﻡُ ﻓَﻤَﻦْ ﺳِﻮَﺍﻩُ ﺇِﻻَّ ﺗَﺤْﺖَ ﻟِﻮَﺍﺋِﻲ ﻭَﺃَﻧَﺎ ﺃَﻭَّﻝُ ﻣَﻦْ ﺗَﻨْﺸَﻖُّ ﻋَﻨْﻪُ ﺍﻷَﺭْﺽُ ﻭَﻻَ ﻓَﺨْﺮَ ” .…

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F.I.T.N.A+ : An Accursed Action (Part 4 of 7)

The Ahādīth of Nabi sallallāhu alayhi wa sallam categorically denounce homosexuality. Nabi sallallāhu alayhi wa sallam said: “One of the greatest fears I have for my Ummah is that they perpetrate the action of the people of Lūt ‘Alayhis Salām, i.e.,…

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F.I.T.N.A+ : Do I Have a Choice? (Part 2 of 7)

“To Allāh Ta’ālā belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth…” (Al-Qur’ān 2/284)

Commentators of the Qur’ān Karīm explain this verse as follows: “Allāh Ta’āla is the Owner of all those residing in the heavens and the earth and we are all His slaves,” Allāh Ta’āla is our Creator.…

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“As a right of Allāh, it is obligatory upon people to perform Ḥajj of the House (of Allāh) – on all those who have the means for the journey.…

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Oppression of Muslims in India

«And what is [the matter] with you that you fight not in the cause of Allāh and [for] the oppressed among men, women, and children who say, “Our Rabb, take us out of this city of oppressive people and appoint for us from Yourself a protector and appoint for us from Yourself a helper?”»

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