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Make the correct effort

(By Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb Rahmatullahi ‘alayh)

In an attempt to justify some Haraam and explain the reason for being involved in Haraam, some say: “Because of this … because of that …we had to do so.” …But have we made the correct effort to run from sin?

Have we made the effort to distance ourselves from what is displeasing to Allah Ta’ala and what will harm our Imaan?

Take the example of many of our Nikahs: We know that there will be music, photography, dancing and other Haraam. Do we need a Fatwa as to whether we should attend or not?

Do we need to ask, each time we are invited to such weddings, as to whether we should attend or not?

It is obvious that there will be Haraam. Allah Ta’ala’s right supersedes everyone else’s rights. Allah Ta’ala’s Pleasure comes first.

We should not attend. Similarly, the same has to be applied to other matters in our lives.

There must be consistency in our behaviour; not that we pick and choose the times and occasions we want to be pious.

There will be tests, trials and temptations, and sometimes difficult conditions … but for those who face them with courage, seeking Allah Ta’ala’s Pleasure, Allah Ta’ala opens the doors for them.

For Hazrat Yusuf alayhi salaam, the doors literally opened. However, this is the promise of Allah Ta’ala to all who adopt Taqwa.


So the response of Hazrat Yusuf alayhi salaam is a lesson to be learnt and a prescription to be followed.

No matter what the temptation to sin; no matter what the invitation to sin; no matter how demanding the nafs may be, we should seek the protection of Allah Ta’ala and physically remove ourselves from any place of sin, to escape falling into the disobedience of Allah Ta’ala.

We should avoid places of temptation and sins. When confronted by temptation, we should flee to Allah Ta’ala … Fa-fir-roo ilallah!

(Understanding True Love, Pg 45/46)