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Ban on the Azaan, How does it affect me, What should I do!

It was the second year after Hijrah. The number of Muslims were increasing. The need to announce congregational Salaah arose.

Our beloved Nabi ﷺ made mashwarah and many opinions were given. The suggestions were similar to non-muslim rituals. They resembled the horn of the Jews, the bell of the Christians and the fire of the zorastrians. The desire of our beloved Nabi ﷺ was, that we be distinct and unique. There should not be any resemblance to the practices of other faiths.

Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Zaid Radiyallahu anhu sees a dream, wherein the words of the Azaan are taught to him.
He reports to Nabi ﷺ and narrates what he had seen. Extremely happy, Nabi ﷺ acknowledges and accepts this form of announcement.

Nabi ﷺ asks Sayyiduna Abdullah Radiyallahu anhu to teach the words to Sayyiduna Bilal Radiyallahu anhu, the one chosen for the lofty task of calling the Azaan.

As the beautiful words of the Azaan resonated around Madinah Munawarah, Sahaba Radiyallahu anhum rushed to the Masjid.Amongst them was Sayyiduna Umar Radiyallahu anhu, who came into the presence of Nabi ﷺ and exclaimed on oath, that he too had heard the very same words in his dream.Thus, the Azaan, our call to Salaah was established.

This divinely ordained Azaan sets the tone of a Muslim’s life. It keeps him in check as the worldly attractions entice him.

The first words we heard as new-born babies was the Azaan. The seeds of total submission to the will of Allah were planted in our little hearts.

Analysing the words of the Azaan, a Muslim’s entire mission upon earth is proclaimed. A complete invitation, spelling out the formula for success five times a day.

From the proclamation of Allah Ta’ala’s greatness, to the pledge of allegiance to the best of creation, Muhammed Mustafa ﷺ.

From the invitation to the greatest form of worship and success to negating all other deities and establishing the oneness of Allah Ta’aala alone.How kind and Merciful Allah Ta’aala is.

Allah gave us the privilege to be able to hear this announcement from our homes for many years. Many muazzins with melodious voices lit up our towns with the Azaan.

Whilst our full support and Duaa is with Madrasah Taaleemuddeen in Isipingo, we realize that the consequences of the ban has a direct bearing on every one of us.

The freedom Allah gave us is now challenged.

All conditions come from Allah Ta`aala. Only Allah Ta’aala can remove these conditions. We should try to adhere to the following in these trying times:

1. Acknowledge the lack of appreciation of the blessing of Azaan and ask Allah for forgiveness.

2. Make Taubah for not heeding the call to Allah’s command the way we supposed to.

3. Upon hearing the Azaan stop all activity and listen attentively and reply to the Azaan.

4.Read the masnoon dua after Azaan.

5. Proceed with preparation for Salaah.
The only activity between Azaan and iqamah should be the preparation for Salaah.

6. Resolve to be regular in obeying Allah’s command of performing Salaah in the Masjid.

The Muazzins have diligently invited us day after day, yet our Masaajid have been noticeably empty since the reopening. Allah forbid, it should not be that Allah deprives us of the Azaan because of ignoring his call.

May Allah Ta’aala restore the everlasting call in Madrasah Taaleemuddeen, and protect and preserve this salient feature (shiaar)of our Beautiful Deen.


Issued by Wifaqul Ulama South Africa

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