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Recordings: Cape Town Jalsa

Deceptive Temptations of shaytaan and nafs

A Jalsa To Create Awareness of Current Challenges


Click the links below to download the various programs:

Mufti Radha ul Haq Saheb (Topic: Abrahamic Accord)

English translation by Ml Burhaan Mia Saheb



Moulana Ismail Bayat Saheb (Topic: Importance of  Maktab Education in overcoming the trials of the age)


Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saheb (Topic: Remaining Firm in the Face of Trials)



Mufti Yacoob Vally Saheb (Topic: The theory of Evolution)



Moulana Shabir Saloojee Saheb (Topic: Finality of Nubuwwat)



Moulana Abdullah Molvi Saheb (Topic: Suratul Kahf – A saviour from modern fitnahs)



Moulana Abdul Hamid Saheb (Topic: Solutions to Current fitnas)



Jazaakumullaahu Khaira

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